Wheel Alignment

Font wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is paramount to getting the most out of your tyres. Incorrect wheel alignment can cause uneven wear of your tyres, handling issues and even increase your fuel consumption.

Simple things like driving up a kerb or over a pot hole can effect your wheel alignment. With our 'Hunter HawkEye Elite Wheel Alignment System', precision is ensured with state of the art laser technology.

Hunter Hawkeye Elite Total Wheel Alignment

Total wheel alignment is also available with the use of our Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD system. Most modern vehicles are now adjustable on both the front and rear axles. Being able to measue your camber, castor and toe angles we can guarantee a perfect alignment every time.

The system uses vehicle manufacturer technical data and is the most accurate alignment system on the market. It is approved by the majority of main dealers and if not approved it meets and/or exceeds manufacturer requirements. Along with reduced tyre wear your vehicle will also have increased fuel economy meaning you will get the most out of your tyres and fuel for your money.

Checks are completely free of charge and we will advise you before undetaking any work, so why not give us a call today to make your booking on 61 33 22. 


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