Tyre Stock
We keep over 600 tyres in stock for car, van and 4x4 vehicles on the island. We have availability of over half a million tyres at our UK supplier ready for next day delivery when ordered before 3:30PM. We have access to all major brands and are the islands Davanti, Evergreen and Landsail approved tyre stockist.

Tyre Services
A range of tyre services that we offer are:

  • Supply and fitting of car, van and 4x4 tyres

  • FREE tyre health and pressure checks

  • Mobile tyre fitting

  • Puncture repair and tyre reseals

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system(TPMS) fitting and servicing

  • Wheel balancing

  • Wheel alignment

Tyre Age
There is no legal limit as such for the age of tyres that are fitted to a vehicle as long as they are still in a good working order. As a general rule of thumb most tyres will start to perish after 4-5 years which is usually noted by cracking in the sidewall of the tyres. All tyres should have a date stamp on the side of the tyre which is printed on when the tyre is manufactured. It will be a 4 digit number within an oval such as ‘2618’. This is read as the 26th week of the 18th year, so the tyre was manufactured in the 26th week of 2018. This is the simplest way to identify how old the tyres are and when they are ready for replacement. When checking tyres always be sure to check the inner wall of the tyre and not just the visible

European Tyre Regulation Labelling
Every tyre is assessed on three key areas of tyre performance and given a rating in each of these three sections for the EU tyre label, allowing the consumer to compare tyres on a like-for-like basis. The three areas assessed are:

  • Fuel Efficiency - How economic is this tyre?

  • Wet Grip – Braking performance in wet conditions.

  • Exterior Noise - How much road noise is produced when driving?



Different types of Tyre

The main different types of tyre are:

  • Summer
    Designed for cars driving in conditions above +7°C

  • Winter
    Designed for cars driving in conditions below +7°C

  • All season
    Designed for all weather conditions that perform at a constant level throughout each season

  • Run-Flat
    Tyres designed with an extremely reinforced sidewall which allow the vehicle to drive and slow down over a short distance when a slow or sever loss of pressure occurs.

  • 4x4
    Tyres which are suitable for larger vehicles and can be designed for on or off-road scenarios

  • Caravan & Motorhome
    These tyres are designed to carry a heavier load compare to standard tyres

  • Van
    Tyres that are designed to carry additional weight whilst keeping their durability

  • Vehicle Specific
    Some vehicles have vehicle specific tyres that must be fitted. Please ask in garage for more information